the cycle of propaganda

When theodor Herzl is writing about the newest wave of anti-Semitism in eastern Europe he writes “We are what the Ghetto made us. We have attained pre-eminence in finance, because mediaeval conditions drove us to it. the same process is now being repeated…” in the same paragraph he also says “Educated Jews without means are now rapidly becoming Socialist. Hence we are certain to suffer very severely in the struggle between classes…”(485). The thing that is begin describe for the issues of anti semitism can be see time and time again throughout history. they continually put minorities on the end of the system and once the minorities get any sort of footing it is used against them in some form. my question is why is propaganda reused to fuel the same kind of hate to a people? secondly why, are the people that are reusing said hate unable to see that this is something that has already occured time and time again?

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