Cobblers of a Unifying Nation

The unification of Germany was a landmark achievement that was mostly headed by Otto Von Bismarck along with others who helped to form the new nation. While many critique Bismarck’s methods in unification it does appear that everything he did was in hopes to create the strong nation he believed in. In one of his speeches, Bismarck himself says, “We want to serve the people. But I make the demand on Herr Bamberger that he act as my co-shoemaker in order to make sure that no member of the public goes barefoot, and to create a suitable shoe for the people in this crucial area.” (page 420) He goes on to criticize Herr Bamberger for not doing what is necessary, but was Bismarck innocent, or did he fail to see his own faults? Does he fall victim to the common mistake of a lack of insight within his own methods, or do you believe that Bismarck’s actions were justified in all situations?

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