Hidden Amongst Society

“For it is in the most polished society that noisome reptiles and venomous serpents lurk under the rank herbage…” Vindication of the Rights of Women chapter 9 (page 155)

Mary Wollstonecraft, much like her daughter, was a phenomenal writer who pushed the boundaries of society during her time through writing. Wollstonecraft as a woman was able to capture the underlying problems that existed in society that many wished to hide. In chapter 9, Wollstonecraft begins the chapter explaining that while people attempt to make the world look better than it is; it grows conceit and anger amongst those who do not have the option to have a voice in society Wollstonecraft’s main focus in this passage is about the women that are oppressed within society. She continues on page 176 explaining the difference between men and women and how they are expected to survive in their society. Does Wollstonecraft argue that women and others put down by others in this society deserve the right to become venomous or is she searching for an answer on how to change this?

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