German Nationalism from the Jewish Population Achieves Little

“They have fought both as conscripts and volunteers in proportionate numbers within the ranks fo the German forces” Readings in Western Civilization chapter 8 (page 156). “They” referring to the German Jewish population, who despite volunteering in the German militia and fighting alongside the rest of the country, were not considered German citizens. The Jewish population in France had a similar story fighting in the French Revolution, but they ultimately gained citizenship through extensive debate in the National Assembly. The divide between the bourgeois and working class following the French Revolution, along with the disregard of the German Jewish population after they fought in the militia, raises the question, is it in the nature of the bourgeois to cast aside the lower classes after they fight together to achieve a common objective?

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  1. I think that it is in the nature of the bourgeois. They view themselves as superior to all other classes and citizens. In the eyes of the bourgeoisie, if they give the Jewish people what they want, they are going to have to give every other group of people what they want. Even though the Jewish people fought for the country, they still want to cast them aside.

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