Counterfactual Regarding the Congress of Vienna (9/1)

The global impact of the American Revolution doesn’t often go unnoticed and most look at the French Revolution as directly inspired by the events that occurred in former colonies. However I think it is clear that the ideas which connected these two revolts are found in a collection of other Revolutions that occurred throughout mid nineteenth century; including a desire for unification of some nation states and a turn away from absolutist monarchies and towards more representative governments (Week 2, video lecture). How did the actions of those in the Congress of Vienna enable the Age of Revolutions which soon followed and could the political repercussions have been limited at that moment in time? Or were the rebellions that followed inevitable with the spread of democratic ideas and growth that the European colonies experienced. As with Spain’s former colonies who saw the weakness in the mother country and seized the opportunity. How important was the fact that these nations witnessed the success in America, France, and Haiti, among other places? Are the revolutions even comparable in this way since the circumstances and motivations varied between each country revolting and the response from forces like the various alliances?

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