Abolition of private property

Throughout the Communist Manifesto, written collectively by Engels and Marx, they both heavily refer to the abolition of private property. They state multiple times that this has to happen so that the land with be publicly owned for the better of society. In their eyes, everyone should be equal and no one should own more and be ahead. Both Engels and Marx state in their Communist Confession of Faith that this is one of the conditions for the new communistic organization of society. How do you feel about the idea of abolishing private property? Do you think that this infringes on citizens’ rights and freedom?

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  1. Personally, I disagree with the idea of abolishing private property. While I don’t think that a society that chooses to abolish private property is doomed for failure, I still agree with the bourgeoise when they argue that individuality is lost when private property is abolished. The idea of government having control over private property doesn’t scare me to the point that I will start practicing McCarthyism, but it does make me uncomfortable to the point where I wish that there would be an abolishment of eminent domain.

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